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“We utilize the Drake P3 system for many different facets within our business.  This system has exceptional tools for recruiting, coaching as well as teambuilding.  We’ve had many successes and this is an integral part of people and talent processes.  Janine is a great resource and asset to our team.  Her knowledge of business strategies, organizational development as well as the system has provided additional insight in attaining our initiatives.  We want to continue attracting and retaining the best talent in the industry and our partnership is making that a reality.  As a service provider, it’s all about our people and the culture.  Her professionalism, integrity, passion and overall customer service really mirrors our company values.”
Jamie Nenahlo
Vice President Human Resources ~ The Boldt Company

“Our company has worked with Janine Smith on many occasions over the past ten years to educate our leadership team.  In addition to providing our managers with group training through a series of customized educational workshops, Janine has provided one on one leadership coaching.   Janine has engaged with managers to find an appropriate action plan that is in line with the situation and the company’s culture.  Janine has proven to be very effective in coaching our managers through new team initiatives, such as SMART goal setting, as well specific individual leadership issues.  Because she is highly regarded for her integrity, credibility, and experience our managers trust Janine to guide them through their challenges.”
Cassie Petty
Vice President, Human Resources and Quality Assurance ~ Standard Electric Supply Co.

“JS Performance Strategies has been instrumental in assisting us in hiring the right people for our organization.  Using the Drake P3 System and Janine Smith’s expert interpretation of the results, I’ve become convinced first of all that we “are who we are,” and we are neither right nor wrong, good or bad; however we can predict those who will likely be more successful in a given role and within the culture of our company.  By creating job profiles based on those who have been successful in each position, and comparing candidates to those profiles, we have accurate data that assists us in asking better questions during the interviewing process.  We are also able to do a better job predicting individuals who have the necessary energy and proper fit for a given position.  These factors are as essential to the individual as they are to us as a company.  Janine is an invaluable partner!”
Dirk Debbink
Chairman & CEO ~ MSI General Corporation

“Janine has and continues to be a key factor in the development and coaching of our Senior Management Team (SMT). Her positive and open approach builds trust with individual members of the SMT which in turn allows them to openly discuss issues, challenges and goals associated with the performance of their job responsibilities. The assessment tools that Janine uses have been very helpful in improving how our entire organization communicates and interacts. Her presentations and reports are structured in a very positive manner which encourages open participation in the development goals of everyone involved. Roto-Mix is very satisfied and we highly recommend the services of JS Performance Strategies.”
Rod Neier
CEO ~ Roto-Mix

“Janine has been instrumental in helping us implement a systematic approach to hiring and selection using the Drake P3 System. This new approach has significantly enhanced the quality of our hires allowing us to deliver on our brand promise of world class service. In addition, her insight and hands-on consulting approach helped us shift to a pay-for-performance culture, which has a positive impact on our company.”
Ron Whitt
CEO ~ ChemRite CoPac

“We use the Drake P3 system daily for hiring, coaching, performance evaluation and more.  Drake P3 and Janine are a huge help.  We are not big enough to accommodate a large HR team, but with Drake P3 and Janine, we now have our own professional resource that helps us save a lot of money by finding and hiring high performing individuals.”
Linda Whitt
CFO ~ ChemRite CoPac

“Janine has brought a new dimension to our company.   She helped us revamp our recruiting strategies and lay a foundation for improving our target profile candidates.   In addition, the mobility of the Drake P3 system is the most useful feature–to be able to access information anywhere, whether it’s sending an email inviting a candidate to complete the Candidate survey or an employee completing their performance appraisal, the online capability is helpful. Saves time, saves money. That is a true value for us.”
Jeff Graham
Partner ~ Condley & Company LLP

“To be able to get at underlying behaviors and evaluate our high performers has been so critical.  We use this as an onboarding tool for new hires.  We can give insights on the team, define characteristics that we value, profile our high performers, and provide all this information to help our new hires get acclimated and succeed.”
John Allain
Director of Human Resources ~ Continental Properties

“Drake P3 is so much more in tune with people and so much more in-depth with its information in comparison to other assessment tools.  Janine is extremely helpful and enables us to decipher the information and understand what is going on so much better.”
Tiffany Helley
Director of Human Resources ~ The Douglas Stewart Company

“I’ve worked with Janine in the capacities of external consultant and internal customer at a regional insurance brokerage and technology company. Janine has a wealth of knowledge in performance management, strategic alignment, organizational development, recruitment and selection and general human resources management. She has years of experience and a refined sense for understanding and executing the connection of corporate strategies and objectives with improved employee behavior and engagement. She’s not satisfied until she exceeds goals and expectations. I highly recommend Janine Smith and JS Performance Strategies.”
Candy Underwood
Human Resources ~ Northwestern Mutual

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