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Management Development

Are your managers engaging their teams? The single most contributing factor to employee commitment is their relationship with their manager. Employee engagement begins with having the “right” managers in place and then providing them with tools and development opportunities to enhance their leadership skills and achieve important business results.

The following learning opportunities focus on core management and leadership skills that contribute to team and organizational success. Contact us for more information about bringing these learning opportunities to your workplace.

Team Dynamics and Communication

The first step in management development begins with self awareness. This session creates greater awareness about the impact of managers’ style on team interaction and performance. In addition, participants explore individual team member’s style tendencies and how to “flex” to individuals to achieve performance results.

Communication Style and Versatility

For managers, understanding and working with communication style differences is critical to success. This program is specifically tailored to managers and focuses on developing versatility skills to adapt to individuals and increase your communication effectiveness resulting in improved communication, reduced conflict, and enhanced team performance.

Teams @ Work

Some teams never reach their full potential because of lack of understanding about how to work well together. The Teams@Work session helps participants understand and adapt to the differences in people’s behavioral styles. Several activities provide deeper insights into individual team member communication preferences and includes a group discussion about what you do “that helps me and hinders me.” Each session is customized based on individual team objectives, helping them reach the highest level of team interaction and performance.

Select the Best

During this session, participants will explore how to interview candidates using personality insights and competency based interview questions. Additionally, participants will discover how to use behavior-based interviewing techniques to conduct highly effective interviews and make enhanced hiring decisions.

Bringing Out the BEST in Others

This session introduces the BEST Coaching Model (Behavior, Effect, Solution, Take time to follow up) to apply in common coaching situations. During the session participants complete a coaching plan combining insights about individual motivators with an actual workplace situation. A final “real play” activity gives participants an opportunity to practice giving BEST feedback.

Performance Coaching for Results

Increase leadership effectiveness and achieve individual and team results using practical diagnostic tools provided during the session. This program is designed to follow up on basic coaching concepts discovered during Bringing Out the BEST in Others. Participants explore how to identify a performance gap by comparing an individual’s performance against the targeted performance and then choosing an appropriate coaching approach.

Employee Connection and Alignment

This session introduces the employee performance model and explores the importance of employee connection to the “big picture.” In addition, participants explore how to set SMART goals with their team members that connect to the company vision and apply to real-life by examining team members’ goals to ensure alignment to the “big picture.”

Motivating Teams

This session focuses on how to motivate individual team members based on their communication style preferences. Participants practice how to provide feedback differently based on an individual’s personal motivation. Additionally, the science of change is discussed and how it impacts employee motivation. Participants identify “change tendencies” and develop change strategies based on individual team members.

Conducting Meaningful Performance Reviews

This session focuses on how to prepare for and conduct an effective performance review. Applying concepts from the BEST coaching model, participants will begin writing an actual performance review for a team member.

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