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Employee Development

Building a strong and productive workplace begins with employee development.

The following learning opportunities focus on core skills and are critical for individual and team success. Contact us for more information about bringing these learning opportunities to your workplace.

Communication Style and Versatility

For all professionals, understanding and working with communication style differences is critical to success. Learn how to develop versatility skills to adapt to individuals and increase your communication effectiveness leading to improved communication, reduced conflict, and enhanced workplace performance.

Valuing Individual Preferences

Learn to understand and adapt to the differences in people’s communication styles. Prior to the session, participants complete the Drake P3 Communication survey and receive feedback results during the session. Topics include how to work more effectively within teams, as well as “flexing” to behavioral styles. This session focuses on practical application to real-life work situations.

Note: Valuing Individual Preferences has been developed in a variety of lengths and delivery formats. Each session is customized based on your company’s specific needs and time considerations.

Relationship Talking ~ The Science and the Strategy

We all experience some anxiety before getting in front of a group. Our 3-phase process is designed to relieve some of the fear and provide participants with strategies to feel more energized and competent when it comes to presenting.

The program and process is designed for individuals at all levels of facilitation, presentation, and meeting management experience – introductory as well as the most seasoned – who want that value-added technique that truly engages the audience or client to positively impact business results.

Phase 1: Laying the Foundation: full-day onsite program with online skills assessment

Phase 2: Individual coaching session

Phase 3: Putting it All Together: demonstration and video capture

The program strategies and skills cover training, presentation, and meeting facilitation skills to effectively meet the needs of all size audiences of 1 – 50 (meetings or trainings) or 500 (conference presentations).

NOTE: Many jobs today require employees to share their knowledge and expertise, ranging from how to use the company’s software program to following company processes and procedures to sharing your knowledge in specialized industry topics. Relationship Talking can be easily adapted to a hands-on working session providing a consistent approach to developing and delivering training.

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