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Drake P3 Assessment Tool

Increase Performance, Productivity and Profitability with the Drake P3 System

The right personality fit in your organization is the key that opens the door to increased performance, productivity and profitability.

For your business to thrive you need to hire, develop and retain top talent in a way that brings the most value to your business. That’s the language of business. The Drake P3 talent assessment system combines sophisticated talent management concepts with results that can be easily understood. No psych-speak; just straightforward explanations.

Drake P3 uses state-of-the-art talent assessment technology to give you important insights about individual strengths, motivators, emotional intelligence, and much more! Many organizations leverage its capabilities in hiring, new hire integration, talent development, coaching, motivation, teambuilding, succession planning and more.

Four expert modules will help you maximize people’s performance.

The Selection Expert blends the accuracy of personality tendencies with the power of behavioral psychology to gain accelerated insight into jobs and candidates, empowering managers to hire more effectively. Fast, accurate and adjusted for faking, this predictive approach to selecting employees conforms to federal policy directives regarding employee selection.

The Management Expert generates reports that help managers improve employee productivity through better communication and cooperation. The reports are also helpful in building more effective teams and increasing self-awareness.

The Team Expert produces team-based composite reports and analyses that aid managers in building peak performance teams.

The Performance Expert provides additional capabilities including behavior-based performance appraisals and coaching guidelines designed specifically for developing the potential of all employees.

View a complete list of available reports here.

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