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Events & Educational Resources

As part of our ongoing commitment to our clients and potential clients, we offer educational webinars and events.

Drake P3 Certification Workshop
The next Drake P3 Certification workshop will be scheduled in 2020. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the Drake P3 system. Contact us to learn more about the workshop and how to gain an in-depth working knowledge of Drake P3!

Drake P3 Refresher Workshop
If you’ve attended the Drake P3 Certification Workshop and would like a refresher, this session is for you. This interactive one-day experience is filled with practical ideas to take your Drake P3 system to the next level!

Performance Coaching for Results
Do you know your leadership style? Are you able to adapt your style to specific individuals and situations? In this one-day workshop, participants will discover their leadership style and how it impacts others. While you may have been taught to “treat all employees the same” – participants in this session will learn how to diagnose performance and determine the style of leadership that is needed to help your employee grow and develop.

We offer informative topics, in 30 minutes or less.  Simply choose the topic, click on the link, and begin the webinar.

INTRODUCTION TO THE DRAKE P3 SYSTEM – In any organization, a good fit between personality and the job leads to greater job satisfaction, reduced turnover, and ultimately, higher productivity and effectiveness. During this webinar, participants will explore how the Drake P3 system provides important insights during the selection process. It also highlights the breadth of capabilities available to support manager’s efforts in communication, coaching, teambuilding and more.

BEHAVIOR TRAITS 101 – While many assessments focus on the influence of one dominant personality trait, the Drake P3 Communication profile incorporates the influence of all personality traits and behavioral tendencies. During this webinar, participants will focus on trait combinations to get a better grasp, not only of the behavioral influences of the high trait, but the 3 remaining traits as well, and how it impacts individual behavior.

EFFECTIVE PERFORMANCE REVIEWS – Many managers dread it but most employees look forward to it. What is it? The annual performance review. During this webinar, explore how to focus on important components to make the performance review process meaningful.

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