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Interviewing & Hiring

Making a poor hiring decision is costly to an organization. It’s estimated the cost of a mis-hire can range from 2 to 10 times their annual salary. That doesn’t account for the intangible costs associated with decreased productivity, customer satisfaction and team morale.

In today’s competitive business climate, you can’t afford to make a mis-hire. We work with you to enhance your current selection process so you are better informed when making hiring decisions.

Our interviewing & hiring services include:

Job Analysis

Our job analysis process identifies the what and how of effective performance. Using our┬áproprietary job analysis process, we will engage your top performers in identifying the core competencies and key behaviors that support success in a job. Armed with this important information we’ll help you enhance your interview process and skills, thus improving your hiring success.

Talent Assessment

After identifying the what and how of effective performance how do you determine the candidates who are more likely to succeed in the job? At the heart of our consulting is the Drake P3 system. Through predictive personality assessments, P3 empowers you with important insights into your candidates behavioral tendencies.

New Hire Integration

What happens in the first few weeks of the job? Does the work environment support the new hire? Is the manager effective and supportive? As part of our consulting services, we will identify important factors that are affecting new hire success and help you design a new hire orientation process that minimizes time to productivity!

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